Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#10 It's raining, It's pouring!


January is traditionally the month we get the most rain in Pretoria. And this year is no exception! 

I love the clean smell after the rain and my garden loves it too!! (And so does my wallet - as I don't have to put the sprinklers on) The record rainfall in one month of January for Pretoria was 14 days and 160mm (6 inches) of rain in  24 hours. I think that was the month that the water came running through the office out the front door!

 This is NOT an indoor pool! It is the steps in our office after a major rainstorm! See, we live on a slope and there are other houses behind us...so the excess water has to run through our property to get to the lower side of the street. Sometimes it just takes the straight road through the office!

And then it runs down the front driveway!

Rain brings new life - even to the spirit...and it cleans out the dirty "laundry" in the sky and in our souls. The drops remind me of tears and it makes me think about the people that think they have no-one with whom they can share their heartaches... but there is a rainbow almost every time after a severe storm...a reminder to us that after the worse storm, the greatest beauty may appear.

Courtesy Nicolas_T
I'm adding learning how to photograph rainbows to my bucket list this year!

QUOTE OF THE DAY - If you want to see a rainbow you are going to have to put up with the rain

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