Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lazy is good sometimes...


I am normally running around doing multiple things at once. (That is a Virgo trait I think) but today I am using all my energy to do absolutely NOTHING! :)

I mean really! Look at the animal world - take lions for instance - they don't really do much! - They might spend some time hunting for food (and even then the males make the females do all the work and only once every few days) , then eat (a lot) and then just lie in the shade of a tree and sleep! I think I will be a lion on my next life.  Same with leopards...except I don't think I want to be a leopard...they have to do everything themselves! No pride (either)! ;)

So I am grateful that today I don't have to do anything...and I am not. (except keep my resolution to blog every day this year - but that isn't's fun!)

The moral of this story is that you CAN be grateful for NOTHING! ;)

You know you are lazy:
1. When your idea of a vacation is to plunk yourself down in one place and not budge for a week!!
2. When you consider fighting with the cellophane wrapper on your bag of potato chips as exercise!!
3. When you turn on the TV, crawl into bed and watch 3 hours of wrestling because the remote control is on the other side of the room!!
4. When you have a choice between a blind date and a nap, and you choose the nap!!
5. You type with one hand because you are in a comfortable position!!

Often the smartest people are the laziest ones.They’re always looking for ways to get out of work, or to make something easier, and their creative ways of doing that have come up with some of the most ingenius, productive inventions.
Now, I don’t know about you, but laziness doesn’t seem so bad to me when you look at it that way!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.  ~Jules Renard

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  1. Thought I would drop by - I read your comments on Facebook and find them entertaining and often amusing.

    One for your "You know when you are lazy list:
    You load yourself down like a pack mule so you only have to make one trip to carry in the groceries.