Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We should be grateful...every day!

Woke up to the news that one of our friends suddenly died of a heart attack this morning. He was only 51 years old. (R.I.P Anton Levin)

I get impatient with my family sometimes and the problem is normally not with them but with my own attitude... (most be change of life I guess! - but then again, the day the good Lord handed out patience I think I was on a bathroom break!)

Today I am grateful that I have someone very special to share my life with...waited for you long enough my angel! 

God put people in your life for a reason, Some for a while and some for a season
But with you I know it’s for a lifetime, Because your special love is hard to find

You never judge or look down on me, And you see things in me I would never see
That’s the way love is suppose to be

I say my prayers and thank Him for you, Because without you I would have less to do I know sometimes you are tired and you have your own life, But you’re always there without malice or strife

You’re my strength when I can’t take it anymore, all I have to do is knock on your door  You’ll stop whatever your doing to see about me, For what some people would charge a fee.

Love you lots!

QUOTE OF THE DAY - The 4 most important words in a relationship... "I'll do the dishes" 

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