Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#13 Sport is the Loser...

#13 - The drama that is sport

First we had the Athletics South Africa (ASA) /Caster Semenya saga and as a result of that, the full scale investigation into the ASA affairs. Turns out, the ASA administrators were running the association as their own personal fiefdom.

Now it is Cricket South Africa (CSA) and alleged unauthorized millions that went into the pockets of the administrators. This saga is still continuing! 

In the past few days, allegations of match fixing prior to the 2010 Soccer World Cup is surfacing.

Alleged 'in-fighting" in the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) also features in the media these past few weeks. So much so that the Minister of Sport has now gotten involved!

Which part of "sport are for the people" do these administrators not understand?? Which part of "you are harming the athletes" do these people not understand?

Why are you fighting your battles in the media? In the meantime, little to nothing is achieved at grass roots level!

Maybe I am naive, because for 25+ years I have been involved as a volunteer administrator - which means I have not earned a cent from sport - and maybe sport IS big money? Especially when one reads that sport administrators are earning salaries of over a million rand a year!!

Come on people!! Get your priorities right and DO NOT profess to act in the interest of sport and out of passion for sport when CLEARLY some of you are only there to line your own pockets!!

I get rebellious when I read these stories and the explanation is quite simple... as a "cinderella" sport, tenpin bowling in this country has to fight for every cent we get (and we don't get much!) whilst other "major" sports codes are squandering money in court cases, investigations and huge salaries.

South African sport people are WINNERS! Oscar Pistorius has just been announced as the International Sportsman (with a disability) of the Year! But are the newspapers focusing on these achievements? No! And it really is not their fault that the administrators (or some of them) are giving them NEGATIVE news stories that overshadow the achievements of those they profess to serve!!

Clearly sport in this country is BIG business...I must have lost the plot many years ago!! 

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Sports do not build reveals it! - John Wooden

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