Monday, May 14, 2012

#15 After 34 years we just continued where we left each other...

#15 - Class of '78 reunion (Durbanville High School)

Thank goodness there are still people that have the will and the energy to arrange reunions! I have not attended a reunion when Myrtle contacted me and said that she was organizing a reunion for the class of '78, my first reaction was..."I don't think I will be able to make it" Boy am I glad that I changed my mind!

Plaisir de Merle view from the house
So on Saturday morning (12 May 2012) I flew down to Cape Town and joined some of my class mates at Plaisir de Merle - a beautiful wine estate in the Boland. The "home" of our very own Niel Bester - a renowned winemaker in the present day. (And I tasted the wine...jy MAG maar Niel!)

I don't know about the rest, but I was a wee bit nervous to see the old school mates again. Maybe I thought we would not have anything in common any more...or maybe they wouldn't recognize me (after all I only went to Durbanville High for the last 2 years of my school career) But I was excited to see my old friends again! And BOY! did I enjoy myself!!

My two best school friends were there...Nicolene and Helene...and we took off exactly where we left each other in 1978! And the most amazing thing of it all was that they hadn't changed a bit!
Nicolene, Helene, Anthea
Helene still talks the hind leg off a donkey LoL - so much so that we had all finished eating and she had hardly started her food! But then again...we had 34 years' news to catch up on! Nicolene still has that wonderful laugh that makes everyone laugh even if they don't know what the joke is! (Maybe that is why she holds the record among us for being married to the same man for 30 years!) 

A group of diverse people that actually have no more in common than going to the same school...It was as if the years just fell away and once we had worked out who is who (the men definitely changed more than the women! Big bellies, bald heads and the like ;)) we just continued from that last day in 1978 and I couldn't believe that it was 34 years ago we last saw each other!

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, advocates, business owners, teachers, medical sisters, matrons, housewives, auditors, accountants... and all still the same people that we made memories with all those years ago!

The sad part of it was to find out about too many of our class that have passed away in the past 34 years...we remembered them with fondness. A moment that reminded me that life really is short and that we should not postpone things for tomorrow.

I did find out who the guys were that "parked" my little VW Beetle on the front "stoep" - Niel Opperman owned up, but he didn't tell me who they all were...I remember that day...had to WALK home!!

It was great! I am glad I went! And I WILL be there again next time! Thank you everyone...for a day I will remember for the next 34 years (hopefully!) a day I could forget about the stresses of life, the challenges we face as grownups and just enjoy the "feel good" memories of those carefree days when my parents were the ones that lay awake at night, worrying about the important things! (Oh and a day I tasted some great wine made by Niel) I love you all! (Even those who didn't remember me! LOL)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: - Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.

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