Sunday, January 1, 2012

The start of 2012

Good morning friends! Welcome to 2012! I am going to spend this year listing everything I am grateful for! (365 things for this year!)


This morning I got woken up to the call of a "kokkewiet/bokmakierie" (bushshrike). A small yellow and green bird with a black horizontal stripe across the neck. 
She called for about 40 minutes. [How did I know it was a she? Because it is only the female that calls like that! :)]

The fact that it was only 04h30 and I had only gone to bed 30 minutes prior really did not make a difference to the gratitude that I felt being able to hear her beautiful call!

Being able to hear the things around us is an ability that we so often just take for granted! Until the day we cannot do that anymore... the only time it is an advantage is when you have a partner that snores! :)

I have the great privileged to know and work with a deaf person (Thami) on the Gauteng Sport Council... and this year I am going to learn some sign language! (I already know "alcohol", "orange juice", "sleep") LOL 5 new "words" to learn every month!

May 2012 be a blessed one for all of you and may you have many moments of happiness and joy! And I hope I can make you smile at least once a week! :)

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