Saturday, April 16, 2011

Leave the baggage behind...

I just came back from a SASCOC meeting...for those who do not know who SASCOC is - this is the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee - the governing and oversight organisation that looks after sport in this country. The Council of SASCOC is made up of 70+ national sport federations and we meet a few times a year to discuss matters of national importance in sport.

Today I had the priviledge of listening to a man that has more energy than me! (those who know me well will tell you that this is nearly impossible!) He is open and honest, and cuts right to the bone of matters...he is funny and there are no holy cows that are hidden behind secret agendas. He gave me hope and inspiration..he made me believe once again that we CAN make it as a nation...together and united...moving towards the same goals to be a winning nation. Not just in sport but as a country.

He sees the woods from the trees...he spoke about transformation and he explained his vision for sport. Sport that can unite us and solve many social problems...crime, drug abuse, health issues...and and and...

He is surrounded by a team of people, both in government and in federations and sport councils that want to see this beautiful country of ours address the issues at hand. And we shouldn't be afraid of each other, we are allowed to differ, we are allowed to aspire to greatness, no matter who we are, where we live and what color we are.

He is Fikile Mbalula...our Minister of Sport and Recreation... a go getter par excellence!

Let's leave the baggage behind and work together to become who we are destined to be. Let us take hands, speak about our differences and solve those matters that are the bane of our existence. Let us united in sport.

Thank you Mr Minister, the SASCOC team and all the people that made this a worthwhile experience.
 I wish you were all there at the meeting... I wish you can all share my inspiration!!

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