Tuesday, December 17, 2013

#17 To my Facebook friends...the end of another year

Once again we come to the end of another year. Time flies whether you are having fun or not!

It was a difficult year for me due to a variety of reasons but I have to thank my Facebook friends for keeping me smiling…and keeping me sane!

Many of my Facebook friends are not “real-time” friends (never laid eyes on them in other words) and there are many different personalities among them.

Here are some of them types :)

 THE WHINERS – nearly every post they make is a gripe about something. The world is too difficult to cope with; the politicians are screwing everything up; the kids are too naughty; the world should just end and finish! (I must admit, I have either deleted these people or hidden their posts) 

       THE GHOSTS – they never EVER post anything on their Facebook timeline  (I probably just keep them around because they play one of the games where I need friends to send me things. That's probably why they keep me too!)

            THE UPDATE ADDICT – They post everything that happens to them! Sometimes I just have to shake my head and say TMI! Actually, I really really do not need to know when you have to take the dogs out to poo or when the light fitting broke! Or even worse – when you have a fight with your life partner! “Just been to the shop” – really? And your point? 

      THE LOVE BIRDS – Forever posting soppy pictures of their partner and publicly declaring their love. Really? Get a room my dear!

     THE PROFESSIONAL ARGUER – They constantly belittle everything someone else is saying; feel that they HAVE to post a counter argument at every occasion; bicker about everyone’s opinion and don’t know when to let go (I must admit, I don’t really have any of these as they were the first to get delete!) 

    THE HYENAS – LOL and LMAO’s at everything. Personally I think they do this because they are just to lazy to type

      THE PROPHETS – Every post they post has a religious reference. I’m really happy that your faith is so strong but PUHLEASE …enough already!!

      The Anti-proofreader -  can really benefit from spell check and sometimes u feel sorry for them cause u don’t know if they're typing too fast or really can’t spell! They normally never know the difference between “then” and “than” or “their” and “there” The opposite of these are the SPELLING AND GRAMMAR POLICE!! 


      The Drama Queen/King -  Always post stuff like, "I can’t believe this!" or "They gonna make me snap today”  hoping someone would be like “what’s wrong?!” But they never finish telling the story.

           THE TRUE FRIENDS – and then there are these – people that you connect to even if you have never met in person. Somehow, even in cyberspace, you find that you have so much in common and you wish they were closer so that you could go and have a cup of tea/coffee with them on a regular basis.

You know who you are!! Thank you for sharing another year with me!


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